Near Grates Cove

Bay de Verde Heritage House

The Bay de Verde Heritage House, also known as Blundon House, was built in 1896 by local merchant Mr. John Blundon. This house is the last remaining merchant house in Bay de Verde today. It was lived in by the Blundon family until 1996 when it was donated to the Bay de Verde Heritage Committee by Dorothy Blundon and family. This house is a great example of Merchant Class housing built in two sections. The main section of the house was for the Blundon family and has large rooms with high ceilings. The other section of the house was for the servants and has small rooms with low ceilings.

The Bay de Verde Heritage House has lots to see:

  • Over 800 historical artifacts
  • Baccalieu Island Exhibit
  • Blundon family cemetery
  • Root cellar and twine loft
  • Fish store and flake
  • Locally made replicas of a traditional fishing stage, cod trap, Baccalieu Island lighthouse, longliner and more
  • Photos of War Veterans, Baptismal Records, Marriage Records, Cemetery Records, and Family Trees
  • Two Boardwalks to enjoy
    Boardwalk from Heritage House to the waterfront with murals and traditional trap skiff
    Boardwalk to the top of Blundon's Point passing the spring well

Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Season: June to September
Admission: Adults: $5.00 | Children under 12: Free

Baccalieu View Walking Trail

Red Head Cove, named after a reddish color headland to the north of the community, provides the best view of Baccalieu Island. Baccalieu Island is an ecological reserve and is home to the world's largest breeding colony of Leach's Storm-Petrels. The island is also home to puffins, murres, kittiwakes, and razorbills. Access to the island is restricted so this spectacular view of birds has to be viewed from the shore. The Baccalieu View Walking Trail starts by the the community centre and journeys across 2 km of mostly flat terrain heading towards the ocean.

Wooden Boat Museum

The Wooden Boat Museum is located in Winterton and shows the history of Newfoundland and Labrador's wooden boats. The museum has a collection of traditional wooden boats and artefacts to view. A resident boat builder is on site working in the boat building shed and may be observed by visitors. The museum also offers several workshops, guided tours, programs, and a hiking trail.

Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm daily
Season: June to September
Admission: Children: $2.00 | Adults: $7.00 | Family: $15.00 | Free for members

Northern Bay Sands

Northern Bay Sands is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in eastern Newfoundland. This beach has camping available with both serviced and unserviced lots, takeout, a convenience store, playground, and a picnic area. On the beach there is a freshwater pool that empties into the ocean providing a warm spot to swim.

Season: Late May to Early September
Admission (Day Use): Car load (up to 4 people, $2.00 per extra person): $6.00 Walk-In: $2.00 per person

Salmon Cove Sands

Salmon Cove is home to the heart-shaped sandy beach known as Salmon Cove Sands. This ½ kilometer beach is made up of fine grey sand, a rarity on the island. Salmon Cove Sands is surrounded by steep cliffs where the 3km Trail of the Eagles hiking trail treats you to dramatic views along the cliffs. A boardwalk runs along part of the beach providing views from an observation deck and lookout point. Salmon Cove Sands rests where the Salmon Cove River enters the ocean creating a warm pool of fresh water for swimmers to enjoy.

Season: June to September (food kiosks, change rooms, and washrooms)
Admission: Children under 5: Free | Adults and Children 5+: $2.50 | Car Load: $7.00 | Bus Load: $50.00

Heart's Content Cable Station

In July 1866 the first permanent telegraph cable connected Europe and North America. The cable ran from Ireland to Heart's Content and, at the time, was thought to be an impossible feat. Today, the 1875 office building with a 1918 extension still stands and houses exhibits telling the history of telegraphy and Heart Content's role in history. Heart's Content Cable Station remained part of Western Union Inc.'s international cable system until 1965.

Hours: 10:00am to 5:30pm daily
Season: Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend
Admission: Adults and Children 12+: $3.00 | Children under 12: Free | Family Pass: $5.00