At Grates Cove Studios there is no "Off Season"

Whether you're snowshoeing in mid Winter or enjoying a picnic on the cliffs during Summer, we make sure you have an unforgettable time when you're staying with us.

Sea Ice | Winter and Spring

Sea Ice, or slob ice, forms when temperatures are low enough to freeze seawater and form a thin, fragile layer of ice. After it's formed it breaks into many pieces and gets pushed into surrounding ice to form its distinct "jagged" look. It will smush together with the movement of the ocean current, eventually congregating in harbours and coves in Newfoundland where it will begin melting.

Seals | Spring

Sunbathing Seals are often seen relaxing on huge sheets, or pans, of sea ice off the northeastern coast of Newfoundland. The young, or 'White Coats' average 15lb at birth and grow quickly, increasing to 60-70lb in just 16-18 days! The white coat is soon shed and during the moult they are known as 'raggedy jackets' and when they take to the water, and are known as 'beaters'. Year-old harps are called 'bedlamers'. Once the adult seals themselves have moulted, and then mated, the herd begins its journey back to the Arctic for the summer.

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Icebergs | Spring and Summer

One of Newfoundland's most iconic yearly events are the truly beautiful and awe-inspiring icebergs. They come by every year and often get stuck in the harbour and shallow waters around Grates Cove. The early icebergs are often accompanied by sea ice. Later icebergs can often be enjoyed in warm summer weather by picnickers and hikers around the coast.

Whales | Summer

Another of Newfoundland's biggest attractions, whales are yearly visitors to Grates Cove and very often come right into the cove. They will sometimes even stay for a couple days to feed on the capelin that begin spawning late June/early July. You can hear them quite clearly from the town calling one another and can see the adults teaching the youngsters how to jump in the morning.

Berry Picking | Summer and Fall

On your drive up you may have wondered, what are all these cars doing on the side of the road? Berry picking season is a time of year where you can find many locals and travelers pulling off to the side of the road to spend a day picking some delicious berries. It's been a family pastime for Newfoundlanders for many, many years and is carried on in full spirits even today. We use berries we pick around Grates Cove at our restaurant every year!

And Much More...

We would love to tell you all about what makes Grates Cove special, but sometimes you just have to see it to believe it! Have a specific request or question? Contact us anytime and we will help plan an unforgettable trip!